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The President of COCEG Promote the Cooperation Between Liaoning Jiaxinghongtai Petrochemical Corporation Limited and Azerbaijan

Mr.Chen Shengwei the president of COCEG invited geology professors and government officials of Azerbaijan,Italy and Russia pay a visit to China. On December 12,2010, Mr.Chen introduced them to Mr.Wang, the President of Liaoning Jiaxinghongtai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. During the meeting, Mr. Wang and those visitors discussed the issue of importing crude oil from Azerbaijan,Italy, Russia and other neighbor countries. And finally, they reached a cooperation intention on the crude oil importing issue.
Founded in 2000, Liaoning Jiaxinghongtai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereafter refereed to the company), which belongs to China Huaxia Petroleum Natural Gas Group Ltd.,  is located in Xihai Industrial Park of Economic and Technology Development Zone in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province. With its main business in lubricant, asphalt, chemical materials and fuels, and inspired by the vision of sincerity, pragmatism, harmony and win-win, the company has grown up as a large shareholding consortium focusing on heavy oil processing and oil products trade.
The company has developed business partnership with many foreign companies like Russias Gazprom, National Iranian Oil Company, Saudi Arabias Office for Economic Consulting Ltd,  Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, Venezuelas PETROLEO DE VENEZUELA SA (PDVSA), and Malaysias ARIM International Oil Ltd., importing approximately 45 million  tons heavy oil and its related products each year, mainly the heavy oil from Iran, M100 and M180 from Russia, light and heavy fuel oil and asphalt oil from the Middle East and the other countries. Not limited to this, the company has also extended its business scope to various petrochemical products such as natural asphalts, road asphalts, construction asphalts, as well as propylene, polypropylene, butane, isobutylene, liquefied petroleum gas, naphtha, toluene, xylene, and mixed xylene, etc.






Time:2010/12/28  Number of visits:2443 

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