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China Overseas Construction and Engineering Group(COCEG) is approved by the relevant agencies of Chinese government and it has ever been directed by the transnational group affiliated to the overseas central administration serials of the Ministry of Commerce of China.
It is a vital part of the Chinese government overseas development strategy. As the group integrating design, construction, installation and test,COCEG Joins hands with over 10 noted construction enterprises、design agencies and labor companies and contract international projects together. All of them have much experience with contracting international projects. In the meantime, COCEG will develop international trade business in building materials、hardware and electric appliances.
As a platform for Chinese government to introduce Chinese building enterprises to the world, the establishment of COCEG is greatly supported by Chinese government, Chinese consulates and Chinese business departments based abroad and generously helped by numerous foreign governments and related agencies. COCEG gathers all sorts of resources from governments and agencies at home and abroad, takes full advantages of all the support and information from the governments. All mentioned above has laid a solid foundation for COCEG to develop successively. COCEG will become an overseas door through which Chinese enterprises enter the world and a window to show case the international brand names built by Chinese construction companies.
COCEG consists of over 10 large construction enterprises, specializing in houses, roads and bridges, railway and tunnels, petrochemical complex, power plant, metallurgic plant, building materials, decoration and design and represents China to contract construction and engineering projects around the world from feasibility study, survey, design, procurement, training and trial operation to production. COCEG is an overseas building contractor ranking the first in china with a galaxy of talents good at international project administration and international bids as well as inviting of bids.
In United Arab Emirates, an economic booming area in Middle East, COCEG, at downtown with easy traffic, owns a 6000-square meter building where delicate Chinese building materials, Chinese building achievement show and offices are available. COCEG is planning to set up overseas companies in Africa, East Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, where economy develops fast.
COCEG adheres to the international custom all the time and has, based on attaching importance to contracts, keeping promises, good services and mutual benefits, set up all round cooperation with people coming from building、industry、science &technology and finance field worldwide. COCEG connects China with the world market closely through international projects and makes all the countries gain a full understanding of China and its building enterprises. Cooperating sincerely and developing together with the friends at all sectors both at home and abroad, COCEG aims to show Chinese building achievement to the world and introduce Chinese building enterprises to the world!

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