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Project Of Nujoom

Nujoom is the Arabic word for stars. It's a name that matches the size of this project which is destined to shine in the real estate boom witnessed by the UAE, resulting from its increased importance in the financial and investment fields as well as the establishment of free zones to attract regional and international companies.

Al Hanoo Holding Company introduced Nujoom Islands City that is to be built on the Hamriya Coastline in Sharjah on an area of more than 60 million square feet. This huge project consists of a group of islands that are interconnected with each other. These islands are separated by meticulously designed wide water canals. The project includes a number of residential and office towers as well as a number of outstanding villas overlooking the sea and five star hotels in addition to shopping malls, hospitals and other services.

This project is considered the first of its kind in Sharjah-UAE and was created to form a comprehensive tourist and modern city with a strategic location on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. The design of the project has taken into consideration maintaining the natural environment for the land and sea, therefore 40% of the total area was used for buildings and 60% for water and green areas.

Ever since the project was launched, we have finished implementing the first and the foremost stages of the project, which is the digging of water canals that will divide the project's land area in to several islands, eventually to form the full shape of the Nujoom Islands City. These canals will spread life all over the Nujoom Islands.

Nujoom Islands project consists of 10 islands separated by large water channels surrounded by a water front mainland offering over 35 Km of white sandy beaches. The project features beautiful high towers and luxurious villas, 5 stars hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, mosques, as well as facilities and offices to suit everybody's taste and offers all that one needs from life. Nujoom Islands adds up to the beauty of nature and sets a perfect example of a world class infrastructure.  


Located at Hamriya on the North East Coast of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Nujoom Islands covers an area of 60 million square feet. The integrated project comprises residential, commercial, retail, ledger and hospitality facilities including private and public parks facing the Arabian Gulf.

The project is connected to the emirates of Sharjah and Dubai via three highways.


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